January 2020 Newsletter

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January 2020 Newsletter

President’s Corner: Joel Campbell 

Another GREAT summer!! One of these days, we’ll figure out how we can make it last longer?  Any ideas?  Maybe we can eliminate winter and swim all-year round.  Oh well; just dreaming!!  As we finish our 50th season, I want to look back and reflect on the great summer.  Operationally, we finished another season without any incidents or any costly surprises.  I would like to commend Sue Metz for her guidance to the NVPools guard staff and note the exceptional job the staff did this year, maintaining and operating the pool.

I would like to also thank all those members who worked so hard during the year to ensure that the Club had a successful 50th anniversary season.  Stephanie Lundquist-Arora planned the special activities to celebrate our half-century birthday.  Thanks Stephanie!!! 

Our swim team had a good season and benefited from the competition, team esprit de corps, and outdoor exercise. Swimming again this year in Division 14 proved to be a little challenging, but the Dolphins met the challenge, finishing the season with a 1–4 record,  leaving room to improve next year.  This type of challenge we will eagerly take on, and I know will work hard this winter and next season to improve.  Many swimmers continued to improve and set personal best times as the season progressed. The fact that our team continues to have nearly 100 swimmers is extremely encouraging.  We want to applaud all those swimmers who won individual awards at the Division Championship meet.  Forty-nine medals (9 first place, 4 second place, 5 third place, 12 fourth place, 4 fifth place, and 15 sixth place) were won by RV swimmers in a tough division.  Special congratulations go out to the first place winners – Tristan Curb, Landen Matis (2), Amanda Van Buskirk (2), Erin Terman, Lily Swoger, and Andrew Hale (2). And then, added recognition goes out to the seven swimmers who qualified for the All-Stars meet and swam in 10 individual events.  I never remember having so many, and I want to recognize each swimmer  - -  Noah Polutta finished 13th (seated 12th) in the entire league in the 8 and under, 25 meters breaststroke;  Landen Matis finished 9th (seated 13th) in the 11 – 12 years old, 50 meters freestyle;  Tristan Curb finished  12th (seated 11th) in 9 – 10, 50 meters backstroke and 16th (seated 16th) in 10 and under, 100 meters individual medley; Amanda Van Buskirk  16th (seated 16th) in 9 – 10, 50 meters butterfly;  Erin Terman 4th (seated 5th) in 11 – 12, 50 meters freestyle and 3rd (seated 6th) in 50 meters backstroke; Elias Griffin 14th (seated 17th) in 15 – 18,  50 meters breaststroke; and Andrew Hale 4th (seated 3rd) in 15 – 18 years old, 50 meters breaststroke and 3rd (seated 4th) in 100 meters individual medley.  Wow!!!

During this past summer, the number of people participating in the tennis program continued to increase.  The board encourages those interested to get involved next year in this growing program.  Every day this summer, we saw more and more young people on the courts improving their skills

As in previous years, we continue to look for opportunities to make improvements to the facilities within our operating budget.  Likewise, we are always open to any ideas which may improve the operation of the Club. If you should have any suggestions of how we can improve in these areas, please do not hesitate to convey them to any board member.

 Membership continues to be an area of concern of the Board.  The biggest issue is that we have plenty of bonds for sale.  You, the members, are our best sales people.  Please encourage your friends and neighbors to join the club and purchase a membership.  If you are soon leaving the area and terminating your club membership, consider transferring your bond with your house.  You, the Club, and the new owner all benefit from this easy transfer. Finally, when you are leaving the area, don’t forget to keep us informed of your new address.  That way, we are able to continue to keep you informed about the happenings of the Club.

This year, we tried something a little different with our Annual Membership meeting.  We held it on the Saturday of the final weekend that the pool was open.  Attendance had been dropping off each year when we were holding the meeting after the season ended.  The Board was very pleased with the increased attendance at this year’s meeting and plans to continue with that format. 

Finally, I want to let you know of the changes to the Board of Directors (BoD) that were approved at the Annual Membership meeting.   Two members left the Board this year.  Joe Kliman decided to step down after serving for a year in charge of Information Technology.  Then, after serving for five years as the Club’s Operations Officer, Sue Metz has decided move on to other adventures. A tremendous THANKS to both of them, especially Sue for all her efforts doing what has to be one of the hardest jobs on the BoD.  Replacing these two are Stephanie Curb and Katie Matis.  Stephanie will replace Sue as the Operations Officer and Katie will fill one of the two Member-at-Large positions and with Mark Spans.  Other changes to positions on the Board include Stephanie Lundquist-Arora assuming the duty in charge of Activities and Tracy Bank taking over the responsibilities for Information Technology.  A complete list of Board assignments for 2020 can be found at the website.

So, on the Board moves getting ready for next season.  If you have any suggestions, recommendations, or questions, please do not hesitate to get them to a member of the Board of Directors.

Membership: Dan Hale

We are working to increase our membership numbers and you can help! Keep in mind that you can earn $50 off of next year’s dues for every new membership you refer to RVSTC! This continues through the fall and winter months. Our membership is our biggest asset when it comes to recruitment of new members! For example, if we could realize an increase of just ten memberships that would be the equivalent of a $25 dues increase. Members continued to refer new families and have earned a total of $400 in discounts for next year, so continue to talk to friends and new neighbors about joining RVSTC! 

After purchasing a bond, members enjoy lower yearly dues, reduced swim team fees, and year round tennis court access. Before next year’s dues notices are sent out in late February, Associate members have the opportunity to apply the dues paid in 2019 towards the purchase of a bond. If you were an associate member this summer and have decided to take advantage of bond membership, please feel free to contact me. 

I hope that everyone enjoyed the summer season at RVSTC! A strong membership base is of course good for our club and I encourage everyone to continue to recommend RVSTC to friends and neighbors who are considering joining a swim/tennis club.  If at any time you have questions about membership, please feel free to contact me.

Dan Hale; rvstcmembership@gmail.com 


Grounds Maintenance: Marty Holland

We had another great season at Rolling Valley Swim and Tennis Club (RVSTC) and we hope that keeping the 3 acres of grounds around the pool looking neat and orderly helped to create a safe and welcoming environment for all our members and guests.  We repaired the walkway along the exterior of the tennis courts by filling in the large gap that developed over the past 50 years.  Although we contract with a professional service for mowing the grass and trimming the “Ashbury Hill,” there is always plenty to do around the pool grounds (just like there is at all of our homes).  We appreciate all the plants members donated to the RVSTC and special thanks to Kathy Freund for placing the flowers around the RVSTC signs and Dan and Michelle Hale who added many beautiful flowers to the flower bed in front of the pool house.  The 3 Spring Clean-Up Days (March, April, and May) are a great opportunity to help get RVSTC ready for another season and to meet and work alongside the board of directors and other RVSTC members as well.  Please look for the Spring Clean-Up Day announcements and come join us at the pool.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving the club grounds or projects for us to consider.  Marty Holland, martyholland@veerizon.net.


Activities: Stephanie Lundquist-Arora

We are already looking forward to the Summer 2020 season.  There will be one or two raft nights per month so remember to pick up one in the spring if you do not already own a floatable device.  Also, kids are welcome to join the swim team in the annual 1-mile color run at the beginning of the season.  Mark your calendars for the 4th of July and Labor Day, when RVSTC will be the one-stop party shop for your family.  We will have Bingo

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